Parken - Vad Ska Vi Göra Med Henry?

Today we give you Vad Ska Vi Göra Med Henry?, the third single from Parken’s debut album “Länge Leve Parken”.
The video was shot by Parken and his fellow musicians with small digital cameras on tour in Göteborg, Borås, Lund and Stockholm, edited by David Giese.
And as a bonus treat you also get a beautiful cover of the Parken song Glittrar, recorded by The Bethlehem Beard Corporation and his girlfriend.
The BBC will release his debut album, When The Beards Met In Bethlehem, on January 28th on Flora & Fauna.Download:
Parken – Vad Ska Vi göra Med Henry?

Parken – Glittrar (The Bethlehem Beard Corporation Version)



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