Dmitry Fyodorov - Coconut Office

File under minimal & funky!

Once a month of 2008 Dmitry Fyodorov dropped bombs our direction, spreading disaster wherever he slaughtered his way forward. Hitting you with steamrollers like ”MD5VSSHA1”, “Leisure” and “1b-1”. Dmitry Fyodorov is now back from the dark depths of modern technology. This time with a track that sets the beginning of a journey; taking you away from mind and reality and moving towards a new landscape of unknown shapes, smaller rooms and less paranoia. A track trying to free you, trying to make you break the walls of Coconut Office in the early morning light. A track telling you to take the coconut and start walking slowly towards the light.

This is the first taster from Dmitry Fyodorov’s upcoming debut album “Shapeless ”.


Dmitry Fyodorov is going north to celebrate. Check it live this weekend.

2009-10-24: Shape Up! - Scharinska Villan - Umeå (S)

Follow the work towards the album via the podcast – “Perception”.
iTune users find the podcast here:
Non iTune users can RSS here:

October 23rd, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Rigas - Tonite

October 6th, 2009, posted by Flora & fauna

Andreas Tilliander & Boeoes Kaelstigen to Asia

The Swedish wonder in Asia.
2 of Adrian Recordings artists has shows in 3 different counties in the far east coming up.

Andreas Tilliander
2009-10-02 - Club Culture - Bangkok (THA)
2009-10-03 - Zen Outdoor Arena - Central World - Bangkok (THA)
2009-11-06 - Shanghai (CN)
2009-11-07 - Beijing (CN)

Boeoes Kaelstigen
2009-10-30 - Swedish Style - Tokyo - (JP)

Both artists are preparing new releases this fall.

All you people over there. This is Andreas Tilliander. This is the Show.

Live from the Norbers Festival this summer: HERE!
Explore more: HERE!

Listen to Andreas Tilliander in a live show from OSC09: HERE!
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September 28th, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Solander - Looking For Gold

The first single from Solander’s debut album Since We Are Pigeons is officially released today, and includes the album version of Looking For Gold and the exclusive Shellac cover Prayer To God! It’s available for free download and streaming here, or directly from the embeded player below.

The album is released in Scandinavia on October 14 and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on October 16, with more territories to follow. It will be available for pre-orders worldwide from the Tenderversion store very soon!

Since We Are Pigeons release tour in Sweden:
14 Oct - Stockholm, Pet Sounds Bar
15 Oct - Vänersborg, Biblioteket
16 Oct - Göteborg, Hagabion
17 Oct - Malmö, Skånes Konstförening

September 28th, 2009, posted by A Tenderversion Recording

Moto Boy in tribute to Peter Gabriel

Moto Boy was invited by The Polar Music Prize to perfrom a tribute to Peter Gabriel who won this years award. Here’s the super nice cover version of Sledgehammer:

September 9th, 2009, posted by Songs I wish I had written

Podcast: Perception – Dmitry Fyodorov

We’re foreseeing a debut album from the harsh Dmitry Fyodorov. The Russian hockey player who caused disaster once a month 2008 have joined his cold war troops and will hit us again. Expect a single preceding the album. But first he’s letting his heart out for you in this ongoing podcast. First episode is out now. iTune users find the podcast here: Non iTune users can RSS here: “A podcast aiming to help you attain awareness, understanding and a feeling for Dmitry Fyodorov's upcoming work in the various fields of sound, album making, presence and technology.”

September 8th, 2009, posted by The Swedish Model

The Bear Quartet – 89

The first single from the upcoming The Bears Quartet album, will be the track “Millions”. Their new album “89” is out in Scandinavia the 9th of Sept.

The Bear Quartet

01 Halmet
02 Millions
03 Sweet Beef
04 Least Loved (Of The Unloved)
05 I Am Your Sister

06 On The Map
07 I Was A Weapon
08 Reanimation of The Dead Sea
09 Carry Your Weight
10 Northern

The single

1. Millions
2. Millions (The Skull Defekts Cover Version)
3. Millions (Andreas Tilliander Version)

1.    Listen to “Millions”

2.    Download “The Skull Defekts Cover Version” from
3.    Download “Andreas Tilliander Version” and “Millions” from
Listen to “Millions” on the bands new My Space page:

August 19th, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Solander - New artist on Tenderversion


Tenderversion is having an addition to the family! Solander (a.k.a. Fredrik Karlsson) is just now finishing up his debut album Since we are pigeons that we are very happy to present to you early this fall. The album will be available through Border in Sweden/Scandinavia, Al!ive in G-A-S/Europe, digitally via Bandcamp, iTunes and shipped worldwide by Tenderversion.
Solander might be an unknown name for you, but in fact Solander has existed in various formations since 2005. Making music for the short movie En död kråka (A dead crow) in 2006, contributing music for the film Hata Göteborg (Hate Gothenburg) in 2007 and releasing three EP’s spread out during these years.

In Solander Fredrik Karlsson is backed up by various people mostly from the Malmö underground scene (a.o. members of the bands Fredrik, Vit Päls, Audrey, Scraps Of Tape, Testbild!). It might be in form of a string quartet, an indie rock band or sometimes only by a single cellist. All of this is mere different kind of angles of what Solander sounds like, you never know. But what we do know, is that Solander’s music is based on strong melodies and thoughtful lyrics, a widespread variation of instrumentation, and a hunger to explore new paths and different ways to perform the songs.

In October Solander will be touring Sweden and also join Scraps Of Tape for a tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More shows will be added and more countries covered later this year.

Listen to the track Looking for gold from the forthcoming album:

And the fantastic cover of Shellac’s Prayer to god:

Looking for gold
Prayer to god

July 26th, 2009, posted by A Tenderversion Recording

Andreas Tilliander - In-House Remixes

IIt’s time for the second batch with remixes from the album “Show” by Andreas Tilliander. This time Adrian Recordings own staff really rearrange some of Andreas new tracks. What we get is a real kindergarten. This is really playful, and made with love to Andreas. We present for you - Adrian Recordings In-house Remixes.

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Boeoes Kaelstigen’s Flars Remix)
Adrian Recordings own futuristic travelers return with a space journey through the membrane. Techy though some vocals this time.

Familjen - Arlanda (feat. Jocke Berg) (Familjen Remix)
Familjen don’t need any introduction. He has conquered the world with his Scania vocals and neon fluorescent electro bounces. Especially the hit “Det snurrar i min skalle”. Andreas has travelled with Familjen around the world as a live musician, and this is his way to pay him back. A really Detroit-like playful and really simple version, for the floor.

Pellarin - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Pellarins Ritz Mix)
Pellarin’s surname is Lars and he used to be in charge of the machines and production in Adrian Recordings Danish band – Printer. Lars stayed up a whole night, drank some of his beloved whiskey and came up with this smoothly ticking remix. Like a line on a piece of paper. Elegant and oh so beautiful.

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Boeoes Kaelstigen’s Flars Remix)
Familjen - Arlanda (feat. Jocke Berg) (Familjen Remix)
Pellarin - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Pellarins Ritz Mix)

All 3 in zip-file.

May 18th, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Andreas Tilliander - The Sound of Young Malmö


Malmö is the techno Berlin of Sweden. All the late night illegal clubs pumping steady bass drums, speaks for themselves. What happen if you take Malmö’s 3 best underground youngsters and team them up with legendary Andreas Tilliander? You get the best of the best. The freshest of the fresh. Andreas Tilliander releases his new album “Show” the 6th of May in Scandinavia. This is 3 remixes of his first single “Caught in a Riot”

We give you: The Sound of Young Malmö curated by Adrian Recordings.

Per Hammar
Just recently released the monumental Blockbuster EP on Playectra Records. This instrumental take of Caught in a Riot makes us think of open seas and night dancing on white beaches.

Staffan Lindberg
Everyone in Malmö has danced to Staffan. Everybody knows him. What might be new is that he is not just Malmös sluttiest DJ. He is a hell of a producer as well. This take is in our face, on the floor, through the ceiling.

Adrian Recordings has met Karachi once before. He did one of the best remixes for Boeoes Kaelstigens Commuting Colour Remixes. Adam Lundberg commutes to Berlin and the greyness in his music makes us dwell over ramshackle squat houses and dripping water. His take is epic, atmospheric and oh so beautiful in all its darkness. And yeah….it is over 16 minutes long.

Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (Per Hammar Remix)
Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Staffan Lindberg Remix)
Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (Karachi Reduction)

All 3 in zip-file

April 20th, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Scion CD Sampler Vol. 24: Discobelle


Adrian Recordings can’t really express how impressed and proud they are. Our beloved blog Discobelle has got the honorfull task to put together a compilation for Scion luxurious new model. Former editors is like Spank Rock, KITSUNE, Vice Records among others, and included stars like Justice, Kenny Dope, Chromeo, Surkin, Fred Falke and many more. This time it includes Adrian Recordings own Familjen (co-released with Hybris), Boeoes Kaelstigen and Dmitry Fyodorov and 9 more killer tracks.

And the best thing is that it is all exclusives. So 3 new tracks from Familjen, Boeoes Kaelstigen and Dmitry Fyodorov. It’s your birthday.

Check BOLD to download

8. Familjen - Socker: Hässleholms finest! The first new track in a long time from this established Swedish artist should leave no fans disappointed. Distorted synths and clean vocals make this a must have in your crates!

11. Boeoes Kaelstigen – Marsa: This Swedish duo takes you on dark and moody ride that slowly evolves into a track that the techno dance floor craves to hear. Irresistible.

12. Dmitry Fyodorov - Leisure (Dmitry’s Armageddon edit): The legend says this Russian hockey player disappeared 30 years ago but came back in spirit to destroy dance floors the same way he destroyed competitors. He’s back. And it’s like getting cross-checked by a bassline. Really bangin drums and big drums make this another prime time killer.

You find more info and the whole thing for download HERE!

Also give a big kudos to Discobelle HERE!

March 27th, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Caught in a Riot - The Video


This is the spanking new video for the single “Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)” with electronic wizard Andreas Tilliander.

Watch the video HERE!

The video was shot during one day with a Nikon D90.

Idea, script, photo, cutting, postproduction and direction: Olof Werngren
Featuring: Andreas Tilliander
Extras: Maja Atterstig, Magnus Bjerkert and Annette Persson

Warm thanks: Annette Persson Björn Stegman Cervera Erikshjälpen Malmö Erikshjälpen Åkarp Fredrik Holm Andreas Hörlén, JAM Malmö Joel Arvidsson Johan Hedelius Maja Atterstig Max Lodin Moa Björnsson Myrorna Malmö Oktawian Gornik Pontus Wickman

Pre-order the upcoming album “Show”


March 27th, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Emil Jensen ♥ Billie The Vision & The Dancers

The best thing about 2009 is that there’s so many options.

Check this:
Here we have the new and sweet Emil Jensen single – “Allt jag gillar upphör”. Taken from the album “Emil Jensen” It’s a lovely two faced piece with Emil Jensen and Billie The Vision & The Dancers taking one side each.

Emil Jensen - Allt jag gillar upphör
Billie The Vision & The Dancers - You’d Better Watch Out, ‘Cause I Like You

Listen on Spotify HERE!
Do you wanna have the Mp3’s? Download the whole thing HERE!
Wanna buy a CD? get it HERE!

It’s all up to you!

The songs are like sisters strung out of different fathers. Emil Jensen and Billie The Vision & The Dancers share many things. Both artists have built their own careers, ignoring the obvious, walking the way their heart leads them. Both have been fans of each other for long. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a long relationship.

Here’s the video for the Emil Jensen song. Made by Olof Werngren.

Watch HERE!

March 2nd, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Andreas Tilliander - New artist on Adrian Recordings.

Andreas Tilliander is back with a new album, but first the single “Caught in a Riot”.

Listen to the new single exclusively on Spotify HERE!

Five years after the release of the smash hit and Grammy winning album “World Industries” Andreas Tilliander’ s new album “Show” is out on Adrian Recordings the 6th of May. The album is stuffed with irresistible rhythms, catchy melodies and a sterling production, a blend of techno, dub, pop, acid and house. The king of Swedish electronic music is back on the throne!

David Fransson from Division of Laura Lee/New Moscow sings on three of the tracks, among them the first single “Caught in a Riot”. Other guests include Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld from Kent . Jocke Berg makes a rare vocal contribution with another artist than his own band.

More guests will be announced later on.

During the five years that have passed since then, Andreas Tilliander has not been idle. He set up his own record label (Repeatle) and released four 12” with deep dub techno on the label. Under the name Mokira he released beautifully crackling ambient as well as rumbling drones/noise music. In the band Bulgur Brothers he served techhouse together with Mikael Stavöstrand and Johan Skugge. When you add his work as a mastering engineer, his hosting of the programme Ström on Swedish national radio and his touring as an engine-man in Johan T Karlsson’s electro pop project Familjen, you realize that Andreas Tilliander is not an idle man.

March 2nd, 2009, posted by Adrian Recordings

Marions - Another Hour


Marions have recorded 9 songs in the fall of 2008 to make it through the epic depression of swedish winter, wallowing freely in nostalgia and hollywood-romance. The result, Origin of Birds, will be released on Flora & Fauna in April. The first single, Another Hour, comes free of charge today.

Marions - Another Hour

Marions at Myspace

February 18th, 2009, posted by Flora & fauna

The Bethlehem Beard Corporation

The Bethlehem Beard Corporation

The BBC’s debut, When the beards met in Bethlehem, is being released today. To make this day even more festive we give away the new single, Into Air,
with a smashing remix by mr Kool Dj dust. I hope you like it!

The Bethlehem Beard Corporation - Into Air

The Bethlehem Beard Corporation - Into Air (Kool Dj Dust turn Into Me Remix)

Also, don’t miss Parken at Cirkus in Stockholm this sunday the 1st of February and The BBC release party at Café String on thursday the 5th.

January 28th, 2009, posted by Flora & fauna

TVR - 2009

After five years of hard work in the same direction it seemed as a good idea to make some changes to A Tenderversion Recording. TVR has now recruited new blood and has relocated from Gothenburg to Malmö in the very south of Sweden. Above you can see the new TVR-logo and soon we’ll have a new and improved website up.
2009 will be a lot about expanding what has been built up since 2004 but as importantly it’ll be about exploring new paths and directions to find and match different ways for different people to express themselves. Right now we don’t even know ourselves where this initiative will lead us but we know it’s gonna be a lot of fun finding out!

But, it’s not all about visions, ideas and making plans. This spring is filled to the brim with stuff waiting to happen. Scraps Of Tape has a new album coming out. It’s called Grand Letdown and is being released in Scandinavia/Europe in March and in Japan later this year. Touring in Sweden, Europe and Japan is to follow.
Both Audrey and September Malevolence are getting their latest albums released in Japan. Audrey will also head over to Japan to play the Arabaki Rock Fest in Sendai 25-26 April followed by a few exclusive shows to coincice. Europe will be getting more of their fair share of touring this spring as well. Audreys The Fierce And The Longing is getting a release in UK, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia and a lot of touring is being planned.
But it’s not spring yet and while the winter is still raging (or more like raining away) we’re happy to be introducing a new/old face to the TVR-family. Martin Lundmark from September Malevolence is finishing up his debut EP right as you read this. Under the name Peterbilt he plays songs in the same spirit as José González, Owen and Mark Kozelek and we’ll be happy to present it to you very soon on a limited edition 3” CD. Classy!

Listen to the titletrack from Grand Letdown by Scraps Of Tape here:

January 15th, 2009, posted by A Tenderversion Recording

Moto Boy as a musical box

Before Christmas Songs I Wish I Had Written published a mini-album with Moto Boy which has a very atmospheric and genuine aura about it and we thought that now is the time to do something more.

This is where the musical box arrive. It’s a nineteenth century invention and produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder so as to strike the tuned teeth of na steel com. It has an amazing sound and attraction.

In true Songs I Wish spirit we give away the music digitally and charge for the manufactured gadget. So $0 for MP3 and $25 for a totally unique musical box!

Musical box is available for purchase in our shop and on
Original song as free MP3:
Read more about the idea at Digital Renaissance.

January 13th, 2009, posted by Songs I wish I had written

The Swedish Model at MIDEM

We will attend this years MIDEM conferance (17-21 January). Martin Thörnkvist from Songs I Wish I Had Written is participating in a panel discussion on “Serving artists, serving fans - what is the best organisation?”  Between the amazing lineup of keynotes and seminars we are looking forward to tell you more about the music and ideas of The Swedish Model. Contact us at info at

January 13th, 2009, posted by The Swedish Model

Moto Boy go to church

Moto BoyIn the end of January, we change the church organ to the hard guitar and put Moto Boy, some strings and a piano in churches in Stockholm and Malmö.

The concerts will be a unique opportunity to experience the mini album with a string quartet and piano in its right element! Welcome.

25 January, Uppenbarelsekyrkan, Hägersten, Stockholm
27 January, Caroli Kyrka, Malmö

January 9th, 2009, posted by Songs I wish I had written

Dmitry Fyodorov - Bake Sale

Artist: Dmitry Fyodorov
Track: Bake Sale
Cat#: arweb 079
Release date: 29th of December 2008

Download: Bake Sale

Everything has to come to an end at some point. Just like your lovely debate team’s yearly Bake Sale always ends i chaos and exploding cakes, this might be the last you ever hear of Dmitry Fyodorov’s restless soul. This is the last track in the series of releases that Dmitry Fyodorov done the 29th of every month, all through 2008. It ends the only way it could end, in a crash, in chaos and destruction. Is this a song? Do we have dignity enough to care? Are you just fucking with me? Use your black magic skills to see the future! Is there even one?

Adrian Recordings releases a new Dmitry Fyodorov track every 29th of 2008. “Bake Sale” is the 12th and the last.

The year that pasted consisted of:
Jan 29th: 1b-1
Feb 29th: 1987
March 29th: Signal
April 29th: Greetings, D!
May 29th: Warcollapse!
June 29th: Anti Cimex
July 29th: Wolfbrigade
Aug 29th: Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
Sept 29th: Leisure
Oct 29th: Dmitry Fyodorov’s Radius Relaxation Remix
Nov 29th: MD5VSSHA1
Dec 29th: Bake Sale

“Its tuff electro / Techno track, Interesting & rocking on the banging tip :-)”
Ilan & bros (Flash Bothers)

“This is death track”
Sergeant D (PETZ)

IT (Abruptum)

“It’s like Dream, to me.”
The Sandman

“Brilliant song by Dmitry! Best Swedish techno song 2008! Congratulations.” (MD5VSSHA1)
Håkan Lidbo

“As good as Scion”

“You’ve gone too far now”
Stefan Nordmark

“Bro, I’ve missed you, glad you’re back!”
Сергей Викторович Фёдоров/Sergej Viktorovitj Fjodorov

Dmitry Fyodorov - once a successful attack player in HC CSKA Moscow that mysteriously disappeared after an accident on the ice. Now, nearly 30 years later, his soul has returned in the form of dark, distorted house music to bring havoc to dance floors across the globe.

December 29th, 2008, posted by Adrian Recordings

Dmitry Fyodorov - MD5VSSHA1

Artist: Dmitry Fyodorov
Track: MD5VSSHA1
Cat#: arweb 078
Release date: 29th of November 2008

Download: MD5VSSHA1

Dmitry Fyodorov is the ultimate punk band of 2008. Never before has music been so respect less and totally unconcerned about expectations. Only black magic can reveal the plans for 2009. We, who master over such knowledge, know all about it. All you other proletarians can never guess. All we wanna tell you is that Dmitry Fyodorov came back from the 80’s in 2008, and he is here to stay.

This month’s Dmitry Fyodorov track is not an ordinary banger that unconsciously makes you jump and break the trampoline. This one deals with the serious matter of cryptographic. MD5 - one of the most used cryptographic hash functions on the internet and its great successor SHA 1. Let the cryptographic battle can begin! MD5VSSHA1 was made back in the dark ages when Dmitry Fyodorov’s undead spirit toured world in search of chaos, destruction and beer. It’s been freshened up so it doesn’t smell that bad and leaves those nasty tracks behind.

Adrian Recordings releases a new Dmitry Fyodorov track every 29th of 2008. “MD5VSSHA1” is the 11th.

So forth:
Jan 29th: 1b-1
Feb 29th: 1987
March 29th: Signal
April 29th: Greetings, D!
May 29th: Warcollapse!
June 29th: Anti Cimex
July 29th: Wolfbrigade
Aug 29th: Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
Sept 29th: Leisure
Oct 29th: Dmitry Fyodorov’s Radius Relaxation Remix
Nov 29th: MD5VSSHA1

November 29th, 2008, posted by Adrian Recordings

Parken - Vad Ska Vi Göra Med Henry?

Today we give you Vad Ska Vi Göra Med Henry?, the third single from Parken’s debut album “Länge Leve Parken”.
The video was shot by Parken and his fellow musicians with small digital cameras on tour in Göteborg, Borås, Lund and Stockholm, edited by David Giese.
And as a bonus treat you also get a beautiful cover of the Parken song Glittrar, recorded by The Bethlehem Beard Corporation and his girlfriend.
The BBC will release his debut album, When The Beards Met In Bethlehem, on January 28th on Flora & Fauna.Download:
Parken – Vad Ska Vi göra Med Henry?

Parken – Glittrar (The Bethlehem Beard Corporation Version)



All the best


November 24th, 2008, posted by Flora & fauna

Lawsuits out of step with reality

Today the Swedish national newspaper Dagens Nyheter published a debate article we wrote. We discuss the absurdity of suing your own fans and that we need to use carrots rather than sticks in our efforts to achieve a better and sustainable music climate.

In a brief we say:
- it is pointless and silly to hunt your fans,
- instead we focus on music and welcome those who want to develop new services,
- and the future model is to have several models. There will not be one replacement for the cd

Read the whole article in Swedish here, or the Google translated English version here.

November 20th, 2008, posted by The Swedish Model

Boeoes Kaelstigen - Commuting Colour Remixes - Beatport exclusive

Release (Beatport exclusive) : November 3rd
Release (Everywhere else): December 1st

Artist: Boeoes Kaelstigen
Title: Commuting Colour Remixes
Cat#: arweb 076

Get the release on Beatport HERE!
Order the originals on vinyl HERE!

Today we release an exclusive release on Beatport. The rest of the www gets it the 1st of Dec. This is the sequel to the vinyl 12” - Commuting Colour. Seven remixes of the original tracks “Cecta” and “Radius”. Every remix is a work of art itself. Standout tracks over the top. Not really meant as a whole. More like a shivery haze of mixed up calculations and adventures in the unknown. You can dance but you just can’t move to this.

This is taken too far. This is the end of the line. Boeoes Kaelstigen teams up with newcomers from the next generation. This is people not responsible for what they are up to and they are letting us face the consequences. Hailing from Germany, Russia and Kenya, we gather large parts of the world here in this commuting experiment.

1. Radius (Boeoes Kaelstigen’s Yea/Nay Remix)
2. Cecta (Karachi Remix)
3. Cecta (Markus Guentner Remix)
4. Cecta (Krazy Fiesta Version)
5. Radius (Andycap Remix)
6. Radius (Dmitry Fyodorov’s Radius Relaxation Remix)

1. Radius backwards, all our favorite sounds (and reverb)
2. Karachi’s got enough air to inflate an Intex
3. Markus’s computer broke
4. A deep but yet nervous version of Cecta, for lazy Sundays with hangover
5. Andycap’s take is amazingly familiar, but completely different
6. “That’s not death metal house, that’s fucking noise!”


Radius (Boeoes Kaelstigen’s Yea/Nay Remix)

November 3rd, 2008, posted by Adrian Recordings